Dennis Yu – King of Facebook Ads

„Piotr, many people apply to be partners of ours but almost none take action like you have. It’s been great watching you learn our content, teach others, and put some of these pieces together for yourself over the last several months. We hope to see you set the example for the partners to come in the future and help us train up the next generation.  Thank you to traveling around the world to be with us. It’s an honor to have you here.”

Alicja Skopińska – Marketing Director at ExpertSender

„Piotr shows great understanding of Google AdWords & Google Analytics and its ultimate goal of bringing measurable results to the clients. He was able to demonstrate his technical and communication skills when we have a chance to conduct a workshops for entrepreneurs. We always got best feedback. Piotr is digital expert and he knows his stuff! Technical < Strategy”

Bartłomiej Pasiowiec – Marketing Manager at Magazyn Góry

„What distinguishes Piotr from other digital strategists is his ability to go beyond the clichés – in terms of customer insight, competition analysis, but above all – delivering comprehensive solutions which are thoughtful and yet easy to implement in the organization. A true digital enthusiast and one of the most demanding but at the same time rewarding client whom I had the pleasure to work with.”

Piotr Zeszutek – Kapitan reprezentacji Polski w Rugby (CEO – YouthSport)

„Z Piotrem znamy się od lat, ale dopiero od roku pomaga mi w promocji moich projektów Youth Sport. Współpraca się rozwija, a bezpośredni kontakt pozwala na wymianę pomysłów i wdrażanie ich do projektów! Dzięki Piotr Podbielski – Digital Marketing!”

Piotr Kondrak – Specjalista ds. marketingu w VIX Automation